Americas Provincial Council

Americas Provincial Council

The Province consists of Canada, USA, Mexico and Brazil. Canada produced a huge number of Missionaries of Africa in the 20th Century. There are 106 Canadian confreres at present. The overwhelming majority (90) are now retired or working in Canada. There are 13 in Africa. The USA never had great numbers of Missionaries of Africa. Many of those were connected with Canada in one way or another (e.g. French speakers). There are 16 confreres originating in USA. 12 are working or retired in USA. There are 3 in Africa and 1 in Europe. Our missions in Mexico and Brazil were founded specifically to present our African missionary charism in these 2 overwhelmingly Catholic countries.

1. Brazilian Sector - 2 communities

1 confrere in Itapeva, Sao Paolo (Retired) 
2 communities in Salvador da Bahia (Administration, Dialogue, Vocations, Parish Ministry). Salvador da Bahia was for centuries the port of entry for African slaves brought to Brazil. There is still a strong African influence in the local culture (music, food, dancing, religion). The bishops asked for Missionaries of Africa to enter into dialogue with local people of African religion and particularly to be open to Yoruba speakers. One confrere is also delegated by the Bishops Conference for making the Church in Brazil more aware of these African roots.

There are 3 Brazilian confreres, 2 are working in Brazil and 1 elsewhere.

2. Mexican sector - 2 communities

1 community in Guadalajara (Formation House – pre-Philosophy)
1 community in Queretaro (Vocations, Administration)

There are 10 Mexican confreres. None are working in Mexico at present.

3. Canadian Sector - 5 communities

Retirement home

Retirement home

Chicoutimi (Retirement, Ministry, Dialogue)
Montreal (Provincial and Sector Administration, Media. Ministry, Retirement)
Quebec (Ministry, Retirement)
Sherbrooke (Ministry, Retirement, Caring for Confreres)
Toronto (Admin., Ministry, Vocations)
Various confreres are also retired or in different ministries in different cities.

There are 106 Canadian confreres. 90 are in Canada. 13 are elsewhere.

4. United States Sector - 3 communities in 3 cities in USA

Washington DC (Administration, Ministry). New York City (ministry) St. Petersburg, Florida (Retirement, Care for Confreres)

There are 16 US confreres. 12 are in USA and 4 are elsewhere.