Central Africa

The Central African province consists of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Burundi. These countries have in common that they were all at one time Belgian colonies or protectorates. There are at present 105 confreres originating from this province. 41 are working in the Province and 70 are elsewhere.

1.Burundian Sector – 3 communities

There are confreres working in 2 dioceses in Burundi.

In Bujumbura there are 2 communities. One community is concerned with Administration and houses the Delegate Superior. The other community looks after a parish.

In Gitega there is one community and various ministries including Youth Apostolate and outreach to the Batwa (so-called Pygmies).

There are 15 confreres originating in Burundi. 3 work in Burundi and 12 elsewhere.

2. Democratic Republic of Congo Sector (formerly Zaire) – 20 communities

There are communities in 9 dioceses in Congo.

3 communities and an individual confrere. The Provincial lives there and there are confreres responsible for admin. The house of Formation (Philosophy) is there.

1 community. Parish Apostolate.

3 communities. The Delegate Superior, Administration, and pre-Philosophy Formation are to be found there.

1 community including the bishop.

3 communities. Including the bishop, the Delegate Superior and confreres engaged in Parish Ministry.

2 communities. 1 including the bishop. Parish ministry.

4 communities. House of Formation (Philosophy), House of Formation (Theology), Parish Apostolate.

2 communities. Parish Apostolate.

1 community. Parish Apostolate, Youth Apostolate, Admin.

There are 83 Congolese confreres. 18 work in the DR Congo and 65 elsewhere.

3. Rwandan Sector – 2 communities

There are confreres working in 2 communities in 2 dioceses in Rwanda.

In Butare
There is one community concerned with Catechesis, Mission Animation and Pastoral work

In Kigali
The community is concerned with Administration and some Parish work. It is also the residence of the Delegate Superior. There are 14 confreres originating from Rwanda. All 14 are working outside Rwanda.