There are at present 2 Sectors in the Asia Sector. India and the Philippines. The last General Chapter agreed to go ahead with looking to add a third section - Vietnam, but as yet it does not exist.

1. India Sector – 2 communities

There are 2 houses of Formation in India.

The Aspirants’ House in Hosur, Tamil Nadu is for those who have not yet begun Philosophy studies.

The Candidates’ House in Bengaluru, Karnataka State is for those studying Philosophy. 

There are 18 Indian confreres. 5 are working in India and 13 elsewhere.

Vocation enquiries should be addressed to:    Tel. +91 739767 80607. The present Vocation Promoter is Fr. Filianus Ekka.

2. Philippines Sector – 2 communities

The community in Cebu is for candidates studying Philosophy. There is also a community in Davao (Parish work and Vocations Animation.

There are 8 Filipino confreres. 3 Filipino confreres are working in the Philippines and 5 elsewhere.

Vocations enquiries should addressed to Fr. Dioscoro Malugao on Davao.         Email:  Telephone:  +63 09233 745306

3. Vietnam Sector

As yet this sector is simply envisaged. There is already 1 Vietnamese confrere but he belongs to the German Sector (European Province) and works in East Africa.