Southern Africa

This consists of Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique and South Africa. The early Missionaries moved into what is now Zambia and Malawi at the beginning of the 20th century, there were therefore Missionary of Africa missions all around Lake Tanganyika. (There were already Missionaries of Africa in Rwanda-Urundi (now Burundi and Rwanda), in Belgian Congo (now Democratic Republic of Congo) and in Tanganyika (now Tanzania). They later went to Mozambique but withdrew in 1970 as a protest because the Church seemed to be too closely allied to the colonial regime. They went back after Independence. 

In South Africa the Missionaries began to work in the townships at the time of Apartheid. They were not allowed to live in the townships but went in each day. This changed later with the ending of Apartheid.

There are at present 36 confreres originating from this province.

1. Malawi Sector – 5 communities

There are confreres working in 4 of the dioceses of Malawi

1 community in Dedza (Parish Ministry, Art Centre)
4 communities in Lilongwe (Administration, Parish Ministry, Justice and Peace, Hospital Chaplaincy) + 1 confrere (Bishop Emeritus)
1 community in Mangochi (Formation house for students of the Missionaries of Africa – Philosophy)
1 community in Mzuzu (Parish Ministry)

There are 13 Malawian confreres. All 13 are working outside Malawi.

2. Mozambique Sector – 3 communities

There are confreres working in 3 of the dioceses of Mozambique 

2 communities in Beira (Delegate Superior, Justice and Peace, Vocations)
2 communities in Chimoio (Parish Ministry)
1 community in Tete (Parish Ministry)

There is 1 Mozambican confrere. He is working outside Mozambique.

3. South African Sector – 5 communities

There are confreres working in 4 dioceses in South Africa

1 confrere in Bethlehem (Bishop)
2 communities in Durban (Parish Ministry, Formation House – Theology)
2 communities in Johannesburg (Administration, Vocations, Delegate Superior, Parish Ministry).

4. Zambian Sector – 13 communities

There are confreres working in 7 dioceses in Zambia.

3 communities in Chipata (Formation House, pre-Philosophy, Parish Ministry)
1 community in Kabwe (Parish Ministry)
2 communities in Kasama (Noviciate, Parish Ministry)
4 communities in Lusaka (Delegate Superior, FENZA (Faith Encounter Centre Zambia), Parish Ministry)
1 community in Mansa (Parish Ministry)
1 community in Mongu (Parish Ministry)
1 community in Ndola (Parish Ministry).

There are 33 Zambian confreres.  3 in Zambia and 30 elsewhere.