Fr. John Lynch, MAfr

Yesterday Fr John Lynch's body was cremated and today after a requiem Mass in the community chapel of the Missionaries of Africa, his ashes were buried in St Petersburg, Florida.

John worked for many years in Chicago and Washington at the Missionaries of Africa Development Office where he raise millions of dollars for small projects (up to $10,000) for clean water, transport, medical and educational projects for the neediest people in Africa.

But John was not only a tireless worker he was a humane and solid friend for so many confreres andothers who needed a listening ear and an encouraging voice at different times in their lives. 

It was coming back from a meeting of AA with which he had been associated for over 40 years that, getting out of his car in the car park, he was knocked down by two young people riding their bikes at full speed. His head hit the ground and, although he was rushed immediately to the hospital, the doctors explained there was nothing they could do. He died next day.

We pray for his two sisters and their families in Scotland and Australia together with their families, as well as the many friends and confreres who trust that one day we shall all be united with him in the arms of the Lord of Life.


Fr John Lynch (centre) with community St Petersburg, Florida.