MAPEERA Pilgrimage Little Ealing Lane. Sunday 18/02/2018.

The organiser of this event was Mr. Ricardo Mulinda of the Ugandan Community in London and LOMUMA (Lourdel Mapeera and Uganda Martyrs Dury Pilgrims).  In 2017 he had led 6 Pilgrims, members of this group, on Pilgrimage to Drury, the birthplace of Fr. Lourdel M.Afr. in Aras Diocese, France.  The Martyrs of Uganda were catechised and baptised by Fr. Lourdel and the Church in Uganda is seeking to have him beatified.

More than 50 pilgrims of all ages arrived around 2 pm. at the Missionaries of Africa house in Little Ealing Lane.  They were received by Fr. Chris Wallbank, Superior of the Community, together with other White Fathers. Some words of explanation of what the Pilgrimage was about were given, and the pilgrims introduced themselves individually.  There were pilgrims originating from DRC Congo, Rwanda and Uganda. The Mass, led by Fr. Terry Madden, Provincial Delegate, was celebrated in English but with songs/hymns in different African languages.  Fr. Terry’s homily took the form of an invitation to share.  The young people present responded with alacrity!

The pilgrims had brought some snacks with them, so after Mass we all went to the dining room for a buffet.  Later, as we all settled back in the large sitting room, the following group leaders gave short talks: Mr. Justin Bahunga for the Rwandese; Mr. Fleury Litoki for the Congolese Youth of the Kizito & Anuarite Movement; Mr. Paul Kigongo, for Christ-the-King Ugandan Group; and Professor Noel Mbala, a Congolese laity leader.  

                                                                                    Ted. Wildsmith M.Afr.