Fr. Ben Henze, MAfr. 1934-2018 RIP


Fr. John Michael Henze, MAfr, known to everyone as Fr. Ben Henze returned to the Lord on 7th May 2018 and was buried after a Requiem Mass amongst his brothers in Ealing on 18th May 2018. 

Ben took his Oath as a Missionary of Africa on 13th July 1960 and was ordained a priest on 3rd February 1961. After some time on Missionary Animation in UK, he went to work in Zambia and was well-known and loved there for his work in Education and his Ecumenical contacts over many years.

His Requiem Mass was celebrated in the chapel of the Missionaries of Africa in Little Ealing, London where he had spent the last years of his life. Present at the Mass were his confreres in London, the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa (White Sisters), the "Chigwell Sisters" and Dominican Sisters with whom he had worked in Zambia. Afterwards Ben was buried in the plot of the Missionaries of Africa in Kensal where he will await the Day of Resurrection together with all his brothers who are also buried there.