A memorial Mass for Patrick Fitzgerald was held on Friday 30th August 2019

Fr. Patrick Fitzgerald (Fitz) had a fitting send off at his memorial Mass on Friday 30th. It was held in the large lounge of our community house in Little Ealing Lane, Ealing. More than 30 friends joined the community in thanking God for this man who had a huge influence on many of their lives.

At the beginning of the Eucharist, everyone was given the chance of telling the gathering where they came from and what they remembered most of Fitz. It was very enlightening and touching to hear their short stories. They all gave witness of a man who listened and showed great empathy to people in their moments of struggle or pain. This empathy often turned into long and loyal friendships in which Fitz was always appreciated for his counsel and wisdom.

As a way of thanking all Fitz’s friends who came to take part in this thanksgiving ceremony I would like to quote the final words of the homilist, Archbishop Michael Fitzgerald (pictured above) : “We are grateful to all of you who have come here today to pray for Patrick Fitzgerald. If we would like to take away a message that he would surely wish to give us as a parting gift, I would formulate it in this way: Discover who you are; be true to your real selves, and you will be true disciples of Jesus”.

May this loyal servant of the Mission rest in peace.

Fr Terry Madden, Provincial Delegate, Missionaries of Africa, British Sector.