Prayers for Sierra Leone

Over the years Sierra Leone has suffered from so many disasters. Some were man-made like the Civil War which cost so many lives and resulted in the mutilation of so many innocent people. Some were from "natural causes" like the Ebola epidemic, which also took so many people's lives. Now, more than 400 people have been drowned in a sea of mud in Freetown, many whilst they slept. It is claimed that 600 are still missing. Many more are homeless. Poor people have been building their homes on the side of the mountains around Freetown because of lack of space and because of poverty. Many drainage ditches were blocked by rubbish. The disaster-waiting-to-happen happened when a huge mudslide came down on the sleeping city. Now there are fears that cholera and other diseases may follow in the wake of the disaster.

We urge all our readers of whatever religion to prayer for the people of Sierra Leone and that the International community may send much needed help.