The Episcopal ordination of John MacWilliam, MAfr

On Saturday, 20th May, in Worth, Fr. John MacWilliam was ordained as Bishop of Laghouat – Ghardaïa, a diocese in Algeria. He was ordained by Archbishop Michael FitzGerald, MAfr., by Bishop Claude Rault., MAfr (John’s predecessor in Laghouat) and by Bishop Ilario Antoniazzi of Tunis. John, an old boy of Worth Abbey, considers the Benedictine Community there as his “home parish”.  He had been ordained priest there 25 years ago, and now he was consecrated bishop there also.

The monks took on most of the tasks for the preparation of the day with enthusiasm and generosity. The parish choir sang most beautifully, and the catering was excellent. The monks, John’s family, friends from schooldays, friends from the Army, Missionaries of Africa from UK and Algeria, all shared in John’s joy during the ceremony and afterwards at the reception.

Sadly, our Superior General, Fr. Stan Lubungo, MAfr could not get his visa in time and so was represented by the First Assistant, Fr. Francis Barnes, MAfr.